Cleaning the glass shower screen

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Chemical-free-cleaningThe best way to avoid soap scum residue is to use a shower squeegee to wipe away any excess water after you finish in the shower.

You can leave it hanging in the shower to remind you to use it each time you shower-even get the rest of the family to do it, the kids will find it fun!

Once a week simply wipe over the glass with a chamois and a little glass cleaner (or just the chamois and vinegar if you prefer to steer away from any chemicals)

Chux Magic Eraser’s are another very effective way to cut through shower grime without using harsh chemicals.

The fine fibers mixed with a little water simply wipe off any soap residue. Dish-washing detergent on a damp cloth is another great tip for soap scum on the glass or the tiles.

Keep up with these tips and you can say good-bye to scrubbing out your shower on your much needed day off!